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Interview: Camille Kohler

Why did you decide to start your own company? I've always seen myself as a business owner and wanted to run my own company.  Many of the people in my family are entrepreneurs so that felt like a natural path. After working for another consulting firm here in Alaska for several years, I saw that there were opportunities to pursue and that I had the support that I needed from my family and friends to embark on this adventure.  

The timing was perfect too, as I was fixing to celebrate my 40th and my youngest was heading off to elementary school.  It was time to make the change.  So, five years ago in January, I started neXus Data Solutions so that I could serve clients on my own terms and in my own way.  It hasn't always been an easy path, but it's certainly a rewarding one.  I love my work and I have an awesome team of developers! 
Do you think IT World is getting more women involved or is complete opposite? What can we do in order to get more women in IT? I think we're head…

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First Virtual Meetup: April 3rd 2019

Sharon has been working with Oracle  for 28 years,  first 10 years were in Consulting and 18 years with the APEX Team.   She loves to talk about her job and for this session she is going to  demo the usefulness of Live SQL and then she will dive into the behind the scenes a bit - especially the pl/sql that manages assigning and managing all the schemas.

Recording Available on YouTube.
-- Join the online meeting: Sharon Kennedy Presenting
Dial-in number (US): (605) 313-4450
Access code: 283571#
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Online meeting ID: womeninapex

Interview: Kathryn Gamble

Did you start working in a company or your first step was being freelance? I worked as a geologist for 10 years (I had also studied some computer programming at university), with the last 5 years of that being in a data management role where I learnt about data modelling, unix and database administration. When the project was cancelled I was made redundant but decided to set up as a freelancer instead of looking for a permanent job. My husband was already working as a freelance (geologist) otherwise I may not have been so confident about working for myself. 

Why did you decide to start working as a freelance? My job was made redundant when the huge project I was working on was cancelled by the government. I had been working as a geologist in data management, using Oracle, and decided there were more options available for my future if I were to work with data in general (as a DBA) rather than to look for work as a geologist. Also I preferred working with data – I think I was better at i…