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Interview: Kathryn Gamble

Did you start working in a company or your first step was being freelance? I worked as a geologist for 10 years (I had also studied some computer programming at university), with the last 5 years of that being in a data management role where I learnt about data modelling, unix and database administration. When the project was cancelled I was made redundant but decided to set up as a freelancer instead of looking for a permanent job. My husband was already working as a freelance (geologist) otherwise I may not have been so confident about working for myself. 

Why did you decide to start working as a freelance? My job was made redundant when the huge project I was working on was cancelled by the government. I had been working as a geologist in data management, using Oracle, and decided there were more options available for my future if I were to work with data in general (as a DBA) rather than to look for work as a geologist. Also I preferred working with data – I think I was better at i…